Welcome November!

So it’s November and it’s my birthday month. Yoohoo!! The rainy season has officially started. Took a little holiday with the sister to one of the islands the first weekend and it was all sunny, and thank god for that. A rainy weekend would have made it hard to ride a bicycle and hold and umbrella. We cool peeps do not use raincoats on the island!

So far this year, the rains are mostly early mornings or during the night. The days are pleasantly sunny or dull (but not much rain as such). This is a great thing! I hate soggy wet shoes.

A lot has happened in November, been to a few islands, for holidays and Hashes; namely Praslin (whilst making our way to La Digue), La Digue and Silhouette. Not sure when I will be able to catch up with all the writing, but will surely try my best, to get pictures out at least.

Just thought I would update you all, on what has been happening lately, since I have not posted anything in a while. Sorry about that, got a few things in the pipeline and have also been a bit busy with work.

I had been contemplating about closing down the blog, but then decided against it. This is my blog after all, memories for me. It is oki that I am not getting the traffic I had envisioned. One day when I am 60 and I have a read of my adventures, I’ll hopefully remember the little details and be transported back to the good old days! Right now there is a lot I would like to write about, time is working against me. Hopefully not for long.

Hopefully next year I am better at this, and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on ways to improve, or if there is anything in particular I should be writing about.

Cheers guys!

The Island Girl