Hash 802 that I deserted and went exploring on my own! (24.9.2016)

Hi folks!

So I thought I would update you about the “Hash” of yesterday. Well I left home an hour before the usual meet up time of 3.30 pm and rightly so I would think. I ended up getting lost and having to ask my way around from the people at the bus stop, vegetable stalls etc.

So let me tell you about what happened. I took the road up La Misere and down the other side. Once i reached the well-known Petrol station I took the right instead of the left turn! So on and on I went and ended up at the Grande Anse Mahe school, by then I knew I had gone totally of course.

So I stopped by a taxi, and the kind taxi operator proceeded to confirm I was way off course and I should have had taken the left turn instead. He proceeded to show me on a map, but honestly I had no idea where and what he was showing me. Thanked him for his time and turned around.

On my way back I saw this wooden bridge I have always wanted to visit. Took note of the area and proceeded on with my destination.


The Hash was being done  at Anse aux Poules Bleues.  We were informed through a Facebook post that it was a place between Anse a la Mouche and Baie Lazare. We were also told it was a “gentle trail exploring the upper regions of not quite Baie Lazare”. The trail was set by hares MT & Norbert. My alarm bell should have rang right about here. No “gentle trail”  involving Norbert was gentle.

I got lost trying to locate the designated parking and ended up spending about 20 minutes in the car park infront of an Indian shop at Anse Poules Bleues. Whilst waiting there were little puppies that suddenly took to barking at me. Tiny little beings, so aggressive.

So I finally found the designated parking, thanks to this guy who kept following me around, it kind of got irritating. I need to remember who I ask directions from.( Note to self) I had stopped close to a vegetable stall for directions, and this guy was there, and took to following me around. Dude just chill already!

I got to the parking, waited for everyone to turn up. There were new comers today and some old Hashers too! We were briefed and we started the Hash.

Farm on the left of the road

First it was a small hill and we passed by a farm.

Old building

img-20160924-wa0015 img-20160924-wa0011 img-20160924-wa0009

Kept walking up and there was a hill, then another slightly steep hill. By the third hill iIwas puffing and huffing. Started feeling dizzy. I had to stop for a few minutes. Was talking to Norbert and he informed me that if I just got over another two hills I could take a short cut down and back to the parking. I looked at the fourth “hill” in front of me. That was it! I told Norbert I would not make it up and I think it was better I went back. I told him to continue on ( I was lagging far behind and he was too as a result).

So he said oki, that would be best. So he went on, without me :(.

I sat down for a couple of minutes and then started my way back down. I was so disappointed I could not go on, but I knew it would take me forever and it was so far from home. They had estimated that it would take 2 hours to go up and come down. I knew I would take way longer and they would probably have to send a search party for me.

Went back down and I crossed paths with this slightly aged lady. She was dressed for Mass (it being a Saturday afternoon, so Mass it was on the island). I would put her in her 50’s and she was walking up in wedges! What an embarrassment I am. Here was this lady in heels and I was in walking shoes and she seemed pretty oki coming up! I think I just found my new role model 🙂

So headed back to the parking. The parking was by a souvenir shop t “Latanier Souvenir shop”.

The Souvenir shop and half of my car.

A pretty little establishment made entirely of wood, bamboo and thatched roofing. I walked around the property and there was the sea right opposite and a house close to the shop ( probably the owner of the shop’s). It was low tide. There were boats moored and  a few odd crabs.

So I was sitting down contemplating what I would do now. Do I wait for the others to come back or go back home?

I decided that since I has a bit more time, and it wouldn’t get dark for another hour or so,  I would drive back the way I had come and check out that wooden bridge. I also  knew that around that area there was a trail that went up. It would be nice to check which trail it was so I could do some research before going there.

Drove all the way back and saw the wooden bridge to my left. There was ample parking right opposite the bridge and this is where i parked. I took my bag and across to the wooden bridge. This marsh was being maintained by Avani ( a hotel) and they had a sign with bits of information.


I started walking on the wooden bridge till it came to an end. Then there was a path on the ground, which went further. It was at that point that it kicked in that I was all alone here, and should something happen, no one would know where I was. So I decided to head back  out to the main road, and instead come exploring another day with friends.

End of the wooden bridge

I went back to the parking and I saw that there were two tourists coming down from the Vacoa trail. We spoke for a bit. They informed me that it was not a tough walk at all, however to go with someone. They informed me that at one point it appears that the trail forks into two and they thought the left was a bit tougher. So I decided I would read up a bit more on this trail and do it in the near future. I headed home soon after.

I messaged a  fellow Hasher that I was heading home, and she said just as well since they were still walking and probably take another hour or so.

So off home then!

That was it folks 😛



Author: The Island Girl

My mission was to bring you helpful content that will inspire you to explore the untouched/ non-touristy Seychelles, and enjoy your holidays to the fullest in these beautiful islands I call home! Along came change and I moved to India. Hence now I attempt to chronicle my life here, as much as possible.

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