800th Hash

The Seychelles Hash House Harriers just celebrated their 800th Hash in the in 30 years of hashing in the Seychelles.

For those not aware of what a Hash or Hash House is, please read some background info from this site


So the trail we decided to do was the Salazie trail, set in the La Misere forests. This was basically a trail that took you from Salazie area to Grande Anse, where we had a little cook-out.

We started off a bit earlier than all the previous Hashes. The meeting point was Grande Anse Mahe beach. From there we would be take a bus ( organised by the Hash House Harriers) to the top of La Misere; to the start of the Salazie trail.Hares Kevin and Jones had set and marked the trail during the week.

I had underestimated my driving ability and had given myself just about an hour to reach the other side of the island. Reached there in less than thirty minutes and decided to check the surrounding areas.

Grande Anse Beach is off limits for swimming, a very dangerous place. Has a history of drownings.

As soon as you enter the parking you are greeted by this huge signboard, warning one of the dangers of swimming.


There is a little bridge past the sign. The view…well you need to go see it! A pity one cannot go for a swim there.

So while waiting, introduced myself to a couple and their two teenagers who apparently were joining the Hashers for the first time.

After everyone had reached, we boarded the bus

P.C Nathalie
P.C Nathalie

.The Salazie trail is a well known trail, ventured by few. The whole trail is about 7km ( if i can trust the S-health app on my phone). But do not underestimate the distance with ease!

Once i got to the beginning of the trail ( by foot may I add), i could totally understand why. Getting to the start of the trail was a hike in itself, and I was just about ready to head back.

The trail is located in a residential area, have to pass through a few private property before you can reach the starting point. Have to walk a tarmac road, and at this point it was all uphill.

Starting point
Starting point

The first part of the trail was easy, as it follows through the cultivated mahagony forest and tea plantations.

So once you get onto the actual trail it’s a steep walk up. I was not prepared for this. Took my time going up, many rests on the way and finally made it up to flatter ground.

Came across this bridge.

Cute little bridge

There was a lot of vegetation to see, and the backdrops of mountains. A true nature-lover’s paradise.


Fellow Hashers had left us directions

20160827_160334You would not believe , but people have built something up there.




The last part of the trail was pretty demanding, had to go through the dense forests and squeeze oneself over and between huge granite boulders.20160827_165000




Kevin jumping over fallen branches

A friend had sprained her ankle, and my being last as usual; a slow walker, we met up with her and another Hasher (Jones). The four of us made it down together and helped each other to reach the “finishing line” which was the Grande Anse waterfall and reservoir.

20160827_172045 20160827_171936

One isn’t allowed to swim there, not sure if this is a new rule because I remember climbing up and jumping down into the pool in my younger days. The waterfall is a  marvellous sight nonetheless.

A car came to pick us up from there.  We drove to the starting point where there was a BBQ going and we joined in, socialized, took pictures. I had to leave earlier as I had a birthday dinner to attend. It was a pretty tiring Hash but got to make a few new friends.

So that was it folks!  Till next time.

Below are some more pictures from our 800th Hash.

20160827_171245 20160827_171238 20160827_171725

Sore hand
Sore hand

Author: The Island Girl

My mission was to bring you helpful content that will inspire you to explore the untouched/ non-touristy Seychelles, and enjoy your holidays to the fullest in these beautiful islands I call home! Along came change and I moved to India. Hence now I attempt to chronicle my life here, as much as possible.

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