Ile Moyenne sejour

After dropping Serrah home on Saturday evening, I was checking my Facebook and came across a boat owner advertising day trips on her Glass Bottom boat at a reduced price. A promotion for the residents! It was a very good offer,so I immediately called the number and booked two seats for Serrah and I, informing the owner that I would call to confirm immediately. I called Serrah,she was game. So it was decided we would be going the next morning.

Ile Moyenne sign
Ile Moyenne sign

For those who are not aware, Ile Moyenne is a small island in the Ste Anne Marine National Park off the north coast of Mahé, Seychelles. From 1915 until the 1970s, the island was abandoned until its purchase by Brendon Grimshaw, a former newspaper editor, originally from Dewsbury in Yorkshire, England.

So the next day, all excited, I got ready, and went to pick Serrah from her place. We went to Marine Charter waited for the boat to take us on our little adventure.

We were slightly disappointed that the organizers were running late by nearly an hour. We decided that since the boat was supposed to pick us up at 8.30 AM and if our journey had not yet started at 9.30 AM, we would be leaving. At this point in time, we had nothing to lose, we had not made any advance payments. Thankfully the organizers did reach soon after, they explained that they had got delayed in picking up some guests from hotels.

So off we went , excited and checking out our fellow passengers. There were two boats that left at the same time. We were seated in a boat with tourists, and then there were a few other locals who worked the boat.

At first the boat guys did not realize we were also locals, they probably assumed we were Indian tourists as we did look the part. The boat people were cracking jokes, and they realized we understood when we started laughing at their antics and comments.

We went around Ile Hodoul, and we got a small explanation from the boat boy, his name evades me now (writing this up a few weeks after the trip). Ile Hodoul is an islet that remains unhabited till date. The island was named after the pirate Jean Francois Hodoul. In 1875, it was rented to Dr. Henry Brooks of Seychelles for storage place of coal. He kept about 2,000 tons of coal on the islet until 1940. During 1995-2005, when the new port islands reclamation project took place, Hodoul Island served as a storage site for explosives.


Ile Hodoul
Ile Hodoul

We then went on, further and faster. We went straight to Ile Moyenne to drop off the food stuff so that the cooks could begin to prepare our lunch.

We disembarked and headed off, on the trail around Ile Moyenne.

Serrah and I we walked up to the view point and slight ahead till we reached the three graves,  two of which were supposedly of pirates and one was the grave of Mr. Grimshaw’s father.

One of the pirates' grave
One of the pirates’ grave

Ahead of the graves there was a small open air chapel.

11173361_10153421435195695_1196863694418645612_n 11188301_10153421434965695_5891529200979740500_n

The chapel could do with a bit of maintenance, maybe change the cloths used at the pulpit and the benches could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Throughout the walk we encountered a lot of tortoises, quite friendly beings.


Even made a friend there!

12805892_10154146073520695_7148288171115184336_n 11209626_10153421413065695_2403428728416639933_n

Soon after, we headed back to the boat for a bit of snorkeling and fish feeding in the marine park. It was pretty incredible. I have been snorkeling in the past, however going to a reef and seeing the abundance of fish was magnificent. I will always remember the sights, only wish I owned an underwater camera to share with you folks!

We met a family of tourists, who were from Australia, however they looked Thai, and consisted of a mother and her two daughters. After awhile Serrah and I were getting irritated that they were choosing to stick to us, the girls were thrashing and screaming at the top of their lungs, scaring away the fish, i had a chat with one of the girls as they were spoiling the snorkeling session for us.


View from the bottom of the boat
View from the bottom of the boat

The boat boy pulled out a fish from the sea and held it out for a few seconds for the group to see. Such a sight! Was in the water and unfortunately was not able to get a picture of it.

After the snorkeling we went back to Ile Moyenne for lunch. Lunch was a Creole spread with barbequed meat. Speaking to the owner; Madam Lisette, we were informed that we could come to the restaurant on our own boat and all we had to do was to give her a call and let her know how many people would be coming.

After lunch, we had a swim for about an hour, those who wanted to go walking on the trail could do so. We chose to relax on the beach since we had already covered most of the trail.

On our way back home, the boat boy stopped for more fish feeding.

Feeding frenzy
Feeding frenzy
Picture taken on Ile Moyenne( by yours truly)

Now, the event that always gives me the giggles is what unfolded on the trip back home. There was a Chinese couple seated in front of us. They looked as if they might have been on their honeymoon. The lady was not looking too well throughout the trip, she was either laying her head to rest or keeping herself occupied watching movies on her phone.

I informed Serrah that I had a feeling she might hurl and I would not like to be a witness to the event, as this would ensure I would start puking. So we decided that I turn myself so that I was facing the sea, with my back turned to the couple. Serrah and I were absolutely tired by then and we had sporadic chitchats and pointing things out to each other.

The lady was more interested in watching a movie on her phone then looking out throughout the trip, looked as if she had been forced to come on the boat trip by her husband. The only time she appeared to be smiling was when she was taking pictures on the beach. It was quite a sight since she was doing everything possible to avoid the sun, the big hat, long sleeves,sunglasses and even platform shoes. Even the boat guys had something to say about that among themselves.

Suddenly Serrah jumped near me and turned her body to face the sea as I was doing and she could not talk for a bit. I turned to see what had upset her. All i could see was the Chinese man chewing something. I turned back to look at the sea, not thinking much of it.

After having caught her breath, Serrah relayed the events to me. The Chinese lady was not feeling very good and she signaled to her husband. He misunderstood and came to give her a kiss and she ended up vomiting in his mouth.

Not knowing what to do this dude chewed and swallowed the vomit. Jesus! Thank god I was not a witness to the event. Serrah and I could not stop laughing about this. I had to keep looking outside so as not to burst into fits of laughter.

The day came to an end and we headed home. That was our little sejour on Ile Moyenne. Definitely a trip that will be remembered.

Till next time!

The Island Girl


Author: The Island Girl

My mission was to bring you helpful content that will inspire you to explore the untouched/ non-touristy Seychelles, and enjoy your holidays to the fullest in these beautiful islands I call home! Along came change and I moved to India. Hence now I attempt to chronicle my life here, as much as possible.

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