Journey with Yoga

The International Yoga Day was first commemorated last year across the globe on June 21, after the United Nations passed an India-sponsored Resolution in December 2014.

My journey with Yoga began in 2016 with the “celebration” of the International Yoga day in Seychelles. This was held in the Seychelles on June 19th,

The Indian High Commission in Seychelles and the island’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture organised the second International Day of Yoga. The Seychelles Yoga Association and Nature Seychelles along with the Seychelles Tourism Board and the National Sports Council have all come on board to make this event a success.

Several activities were organised to mark the occasion such as a mass yoga session, a photo exhibition and a yoga demonstration by experts specially flown in from India.

The one-hour mass yoga session was to be held at Palais des Sports, Roche Caiman. There were many adverts on the television as well in the paper media that all those taking part in the session will be provided with free yoga mats and t-shirts. So it was obvious that there would be a huge turnout.

So made plans with friends to attend, and see how it turned out.

Early Sunday morning, I started off from home, and for some reason in my mind, I had heard that it would be held at the stadium in town (about 10 minutes away). So I headed off there and met up with my friend. Then we found out that I had given her the wrong information, and we made our way to the “correct” stadium.

We met up with another friend there. At this point in time, we were running late and realized we would not be getting any of the mats, the gymnasium was packed! We got a bottle of water each and t-shirts.

We sat through the Minister of Tourism’s address and various other speeches and just could not take it any longer. We were shown a place to sit, where the carpet was wet, and I was getting agitated and hence we decided we would head home after 30 minutes.

This was my introduction to Yoga. So decided that I would start attending regular classes, checked a few options and settled for the classes that were held at the Marine Charter.I must tell you that they have two awesome Yoga instructors; Ms Adrianna and Mr. Steve.
I have had the pleasure of attending classes held by both instructors and would totally recommend them.

The classes are held in the seating area above the restaurant and they have a beautiful view of the marina and the road on the other side, and what a nice breeze. It’s been great practicing there. There were many times when I would drift off to sleep, only being awaken by a fellow student or my own snoring 😛

I attended for a few months, and then decided to stop for many reasons. It has been on my mind to start again, and I do look forward!

So this is as close as it comes to a review.

Do write me and let me know what you think.

The Island Girl.


Author: The Island Girl

My mission was to bring you helpful content that will inspire you to explore the untouched/ non-touristy Seychelles, and enjoy your holidays to the fullest in these beautiful islands I call home! Along came change and I moved to India. Hence now I attempt to chronicle my life here, as much as possible.

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