Anse Major Hike

Anse Major trail happens to be one of my favorite hikes.  I have done it countless times and it never fails to amaze me.

It is a trail found on the North-west side of Mahe (the main island). A relatively easy trail that leads you to a secluded beach.


This is one of the trails that is usually recommended to tourists, and one does not need to look far to know why.

So a three Saturdays ago I went on the trail again, with my fellow adventurer. It was the first time for her on this trail and it felt great to be the one showing her around.

So on we walked, met a couple of tourists on the way, and the beach police changing. Let me explain, Seychelles has introduced beach police as a means to prevent tourists being attacked, they are usually found on most if not all the popular beaches around Mahe.

For those who do not know, there are a few ways to this hike, we chose the shortest one, our plan was to hit the beach.

Parked at La Scala in Bel Ombre, and walked up. Past the flats and the abandoned hotel. Made plans to come check out this place another day. Past the board for another trail ( Mare Aux Cochons). Up we went. Paused at the Batman studio. Introduced my friend to the bat, the tool behind the popularity of the Batman Studio.

It happened to be a sunny and stifling day, it took us longer to reach the beach, we did stop along the way for photos, who would not? Such an incredible view. Hence took us longer to get to the beach.



There is a humongous hotel being built at the beginning of the trail, the walls on that building, sheesh!

Guess what, about 5 minutes into the hike we heard some rustling…a hedgehog! My third time in the Seychelles, but then, maybe i should say two, one was found dead up on  service road in La Misere.

13775762_10154563404760695_1671385578160529349_nSpot the hedgehog

Before you reach the beach, there is an old barely there picnic table. The table and chair no longer exist, however the old hut is a welcome from the hot sun. The view from this point is awesome!

Spent time tanning and swimming and we got to visit the two little beach, separated a big pile of boulders, the easiest way to the farthest beach was to go back on the trail and walk a little more.

13775551_10154563401175695_8915880586931591744_nTesting out new trail shoes.

Anse Major bay


Whilst going back we decided we would take a short boat trip. The skipper had advertised on the beach. A call was made and we were informed to let him know an hour before we were ready to head home.

When the skipper did come, we was lazy to take us to La Scala( where we had parked, and the place where the drop offs are usually) and he decided he would leave us on the rocks near the abandoned hotel. He informed us that we would have to walk a bit and then head down to La Scala, not as if we had much choice so decided to go ahead.

Had heard stories about how this property was haunted and asked the skipper and he informed us there was no such thing.

So once we got off the boat, put on our shoes and trudged on.

13716247_10154563419170695_1353582841721137253_n   First view of the little stream flowing into the sea.

There was stairs leading up. The place had this eerie feel to it.

We passed abandoned buildings, shed of all furniture and lighting, only the walls and roof left behind. Nature has taken its course on a few too.


There were many buildings, which I assume were once bungalows.


Couldn’t wait to find the main road, the place gave me the creeps!


Actually pinched my friend to check she wasn’t  an unwanted, talk about paranoia!

Well cannot spoil it for your guys anymore, you need to experience it.

Made it to the car and then headed off to a very late lunch, headed home.

That was the hike you folks!





Author: The Island Girl

My mission was to bring you helpful content that will inspire you to explore the untouched/ non-touristy Seychelles, and enjoy your holidays to the fullest in these beautiful islands I call home! Along came change and I moved to India. Hence now I attempt to chronicle my life here, as much as possible.

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